Your personal core values

Your personal core values.

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Submit Assignment: Your Personal Core Values

What is it your team stands for? What is primary to its identity? What is it that moves you as the head coach or AD to emotion every time you see that something happening or not happening? These are important questions. More important to those questions is the following question: Does your coaching staff, athletes, and community know the answers to these questions?

To build a successful team or program, everyone must be on the same page with what guides them in day to day decisions. When Core Values are defined, the guide posts to decision making are made clear and the program stands a better chance of operating in sync. The following assignment is meant to prepare you on how those core values can be developed within your team/program.

To prepare: Review the “ Core Values for your Program Click for more options

” worksheet (Moeller, 2016).


Using “Creating Core Values for your Program,” develop 2 core team/program values. To define the core values, identify at least 4 actions (by the athletes) for each category of the core values (4 actions for the core values can take place in practice, in games, and in the community. What can be witnessed when the athletes are living out the core values?). The finished product is to be placed into “Coaching Beyond the X’s and O’s” handbook. Formatting for all entries should be consistent.

Ideally core values and actions would be developed with input from other stakeholders (other coaches and selected athletes), but for this assignment you will work independently.

Support your statements with evidence from the Required Studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.


Moeller, K. (n.d.). Creating core values for your program [Class handout]. College of Education, Concordia University, Portland, OR.

Your personal core values