Writing Different Dissertation Chapters

DissertationAre you working on your dissertation and feeling a little overwhelmed? It can be tricky to know how to organize all of your ideas and research, and which chapters should come first. At Nursing paper help, we’ll outline the different chapters typically found in a doctoral dissertation, and give you tips for writing each one. Let’s get started!

Dissertation Chapters Overview

What distinguishes a dissertation paper from a contemporary essay is its approach to a topic; which is defined by respective dissertation chapters. All the chapters should follow each other in a sequence, with every previous chapter laying a foundation for the next one. Harmony within and among the chapters is key in the realization of the dissertation’s objectives. The typical dissertation paper has five main chapters, which are: an introduction; a literature review; a methodology section on how to write the research study (including how source checking and data gathering may be accomplished); findings and discussions; and conclusions and recommendations section. The method for each chapter is outlined in detail below.

Chapter I: Introduction

This chapter is important in providing an insight on the research study at hand. It examines eight key elements of a dissertation paper. These elements are background of the study problem, problem statement, purpose and study significance, research design to be adopted, research questions and hypothesis, research limitations and assumptions, definitions, and expected outcomes. With help from Nursing paper help experts, this sections in this chapter must provide an overview of the problem under study, the contributions the study will make, and the respective approach towards resolving the problem.

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Chapter II: Literature Review

This chapter is important in laying a background for the research process by examining literature on previous studies that relate to the topic under study. It seeks to achieve some objectives. These objectives include.

  1. Find out and examine previous research studies that form an important part in the generation of the research problem, respective research questions, and importance of the research study.
  2. Determining the area of contributions, the dissertation paper will be part of.
  3. Determine and examine the previous studies related to the topic in an effort to find out the most appropriate theoretical framework to be adopted as well as respective variables, results analysis, and interpretation.
  4. Literature review should equally support and provide the reasons for the selection and use of a specific methodological approach and respective research instruments.

Chapter III: Methodology

This chapter is considered quite important. It entails a description of how the research study was carried out. The steps followed in the research process are expansively described in this chapter. The methodology chapter covers some essential topics, such as the goal of the study, research design, target population, research sample, sampling technique, procedures, research instruments, data collection methods, and data analysis techniques.

Chapter IV: Findings and Results Presentation

In Chapter IV, the demographics of the research study are examined. It should begin by explaining the purpose of the research study. This part of the analysis may include information such as respondents’ age, demographic variable occurrence, sample size, gender, and sampling conditions.

In this, text-based analysis should precede analysis by the use of tables and figures. For quantitative analysis, an explanation of how the resulting factors were extracted should be made, justification for retained factors made, and naming of new scales done.

Chapter V: Discussions

This chapter focuses on the interpretation of the research results. It should entail a summary of the results followed by their rigorous discussion and interpretation. In cases where conclusion is incorporated into this chapter, recommendations for practice and future research are given.


The dissertation is a complex and long document that can be written in different ways. Each chapter should flow into the next, and your argument should be clear to the reader. Our team of professionals at Nursing paper help can help you write each chapter of your dissertation, or we can write the entire document for you. We have years of experience writing dissertations, and our writers are experts in their field. Contact us today to get started on your perfect paper!