write just as a journal 300 word _journal 4&5

write just as a journal 300 word _journal 4&5.

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Journal Entry #4

Watch “Speaking Frankly: Dating Apps.”

Discuss some or all of these ideas:

Is the structure effective? How well does the evidence support the claims?

Does the video effectively use pathos?

Do the visual examples and interviews strengthen the argument?

How effectively do the speakers integrate their ethos into the video? Is their ethos important to make this a convincing argument?

Journal Entry #5

Watch “What I Learned from 100 Days of Rejection” https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=what+…

Use at least two rhetorical concepts to analyze and dissect the effectiveness of this argument. Is it successful? Examples: You could address audience and the use of pathos by the author to gain sympathy for his cause. OR You could analyze the rhetorical situation and the logos. What could the speaker add to improve this argument? Does he rely too heavily on humor? Does he need more facts to support his claims? (These are only examples!!!)

write just as a journal 300 word _journal 4&5