Use the 6 articles as references only**

Use the 6 articles as references only**.

Use the 6 articles as references only**
This will be a literature review.
****Report your findings as a scholarly paper written in the third person, using strict APA format and including citations throughout.
Make sure strengths and limitations of the studies are presented (Did the research support the PICO question),
as well as opinion and justification (in 3rd person only), as to whether the studies provide enough evidence to warrant a change in practice.
Ideas need to be logical and well presented as it relates to end-of-life care and PICO format.
The PICO question will be:
“In children diagnosed with cancer, how do complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) compared to mainstream medical care improve patient comfort in end of life?
ALSO: please add the level of evidence for each article.
Please remember to mainly focus on whether each article supports the PICO question, or has weaknesses. And conclusion: would you advocate to support change of practice.
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Use the 6 articles as references only**

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