ULLA e perspectives Revision Chapters

ULLA e perspectives Revision Chapters.

As this is a take home exam and you will have access to any materials including the internet, questions will be sourced from chapters 2-11. As advised please collect about 5 case studies for use in the exam, watch the movies included in the course outline and review the lecture slides. The case studies will provide you The questions will typically be divided into 3 parts with marks openly allocated so you can see where the marks are awarded and focus on the more important sections. The sections will tend to look like the following: 1. Define the concept 1 mark 2. Discussion about the concept 5 marks 3. Case study about the concept that willbring clarity to questions 1 and 2.
Please try and answer between 130-180 words per question. You will have to answer 5 questions out of the 8 that are included.
Week 12 Assignment rnwicinn and Pvnry,

ULLA e perspectives Revision Chapters

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