Two parts, each part 250 + a part with 300 words on Counter Revolution music (Bob Dylan

Two parts, each part 250 + a part with 300 words on Counter Revolution music (Bob Dylan.

Help me study for my Music class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

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Part I (250 words)

Compare and contrast the following two Bob Dylan songs, Masters of War (1963) and Like A Rolling Stone (1965).

In each case discuss the song structure and dynamics. How would you describe his voice, and how would you categorize the overall sound?

Review the lyrics (posted below) and without researching the meaning

discuss what you think the songs are about. Its poetic so read them a couple times.

Cite passages in the lyrics from each that support your interpretation.

Overall, describe how Dylan uses language and imagery.

Bob Dylan – “Masters of War” (1963)

Bob Dylan – “Like A Rolling Stone” (1965)

Part 2 (250 words)

Please read the following article titled Beatlemania: Girls Just want to Have Fun which looks at the intense fan phenomenon surrounding the Beatles, known as Beatlemania; and watch the short clip on Beatlemania before considering the following prompts.

  • A Taste of Beatlemania
    Provide one specific thing from the Beatlemania reading that caught your interest or attention in some way
  • Based on the article, why do the authors consider Beatlemania to be a revolutionary act?
  • Do you agree with the authors that Beatlemania was a revolutionary?
  • What if anything distinguishes Beatlemania from say Elvismania or Justin Biebermania, or any other teen idol phenomenon? Are they all revolutionary?

Part 3 (300 words)

Please listen (and read lyrics) to Nina Simone’s Mississippi Goddam, Aretha Franklin’s Respect, and James Brown’s Say it Loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud,

complete a free write on your aural experiences

1. Briefly discuss the music including sonic quality, dynamics and music changes, and overall feel.

2. Discuss the vocal style for each song. Read the lyrics, and discuss the specific message of each song, and who the target audience is.

3. Discuss how Nina, Aretha and James articulate their messages… are they direct in their presentations or more nuanced?

Nina Simone – “Mississippi Goddam” (1964)

Aretha Franklin – “Respect” (1967)

James Brown – “Say It Loud – I’m Black and I’m Proud” (1968)

Two parts, each part 250 + a part with 300 words on Counter Revolution music (Bob Dylan