Topics for the Second Hum Paper

Topics for the Second Hum Paper.

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Topics for the Second Hum07 Paper

1. Using one or two examples, analyze the ways in which Islamic architecture embodies the deeper values and ideas of Islam.

2. Christianity and Buddhism are both fundamentally focused on alleviating suffering in the world through compassion, and both religions have a rich artistic and cultural production reflecting this idea. Using either religious writings or artworks (or both), explore the ways these two traditions are similar and in what ways they differ.

3. Hinduism, like Buddhism, believes that karma and our misguided view of the self are what cause us to suffer in the world. Using the Dhammapada and the Bhagavad Gita, analyze the concepts of karma and self in these two religions. Do you see them as the same or are they different?

Topics for the Second Hum Paper