This is a 2 Part Assignment

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This is a 2 part assignment. Basically 2 separate assignments. You will have to take a look at chapter 5 in my e-book which I will provide the link, user name and password for.

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Assignment 1: After researching each of your three randomly assigned historical figures, consider how you will decide which one is most worthy to represent in your presentation project. What criteria should you develop to make this decision? How will you prioritize some types of historical contributions over others, such as contributions to radically different fields and professions? How can you compare different time periods and different cultural backgrounds when determining historical significance? Reflecting on these questions engages some of the main debates of canon formation as mentioned in the Learning Unit included in this module.

There may be no “trading” of selections as part of the assignment is to force ourselves to be in the position of a historian, librarian, or archivist and to select from material available to us. If you do not see your name on this spreadsheet, you likely added the class late or there was another registration/roster issue. Please contact the professor and you will be assigned one of the open rows marked with N/A. Do not choose for yourself as rows may already have been reassigned.

Presentation Directions

Students are to create an online presentation about their historical figure (one chosen from the three assigned) using no more than one PowerPoint slide or one page of a Word document.

Your presentation should include a combination of images and text and should provide others with an appreciation of the historical significance of the historical woman represented, her major cultural contributions, and her impact or influence on her field or culture broadly.

Presentations that consist of simply a portrait photograph with limited or no historical information will receive a much lower score than presentations with an image or two with substantial captions and or related historical information; students who take the presentation to the highest level will design a single slide or page that includes several images and substantial information or excerpts from historical material, including source citations.

Post your single-page/single-slide presentation on the designated discussion forum AND upload the presentation via the assignment submission tool below. (The reason you need to both submit and post the presentation is that you will receive two scores, one on the presentation itself and a second on your contributions to the related discussion forum.).

** The 3 historical figures are: Catherine of Sienna, Frances Benjamin Johnston & Dorothea Lange.

Assignment 2: Reflect on your three possible choices for the Major Historical Figures Presentation. What criteria are you using to make your selection of which one historical figure to represent from these three choices? How will you take into consideration not only your own interests but what might be useful for your classmates’ learning in the course? Use the 250-word requirement for this journal to think through how you’ll make your choice and what information would be most useful to share with your peers. Refer to the three specific historical women you were assigned in the randomized draw to demonstrate how you are applying your criteria.