The Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys.

The Dallas Cowboys have to get a good draft pick player for the next year draft or they could have another bad season. Essay 3 Proposal Argument:A should (should not) do B because CAssignment Your assignment is to write a coherent, grammatically correct proposal argument offering a solution to a controversial problem (a practice or policy) that grows out of an open question you formulate—a question that (1) is of interest to the academic community, and (2) can be investigated through library research. Your proposal should reflect independent thinking and intellectual curiosity. This assignment asks you to formulate a research question, identify credible, supportive, scholarly sources, contextualize information, synthesize sources, and argue for your perspective. In writing this argument, you will be joining an ongoing conversation about the troubling policy or practice you have chosen to address. Remember that you need to be aware of your audience concerns and values, as well as be well-versed in the subject at hand. This assignment asks you to do more than simply offer your review of a topic and an evaluation of its weaknesses and strengths. You must actively pursue information that will support your ethical, logical, and emotional appeals to your audience (Yes, go to the library!). Your thesis should follow the standard pattern of: A should do B because CIn developing a proposal, you will have to:•Define a problem that needs a solution or describe a need that is not currently addressed.•Make a strong claim that addresses the problem or need. Your solution should be an action directed at the future.•Show why your proposal will fix the problem or address the need.•Demonstrate that your proposal is feasible.Audience You will designate a specific group as your targeted audience, an audience that can put your proposal into action. Your tone, vocabulary, diction, and so on should always be appropriate for academic writing and should respect the diversity of your audience. You should assume your reader is familiar with the issues you discuss, but has not thought about them in the interesting way that you have. You should, therefore, refer to specific examples that support your thesis. As you consider your choices, ask two questions: Who needs to know about my topic? Who might resist or challenge my argument? Required Research This is an extended, researched argument. As such, you must incorporate 6- 8 sources. Of those sources, two must come from scholarly publications. All sources must fit the following criteria: Fit the requirements of a ‘credible source’ Published in the last twenty years (any exception MUST be approved) Scholarly sources must be a minimum of 6 pages in length, and be published in a peer reviewed journal or credible book length piece of research Cannot be dissertations or unpublished papersResearch TermsSecondary Source: a text that offers an opinion ABOUT a primary source or topic, such as a scholarly article, newspaper review, interview, etc.Primary source: the policy you discuss, an encyclopedia entry, a government report on a specific behavior, etc. Additionally, your paper will: • State your thesis early—be clear, concise, and specific— forecasting the argument that follows; • include quotations, paraphrases, and examples that support any claims you make; and utilize at least three paraphrases and three direct quotations. You may incorporate images, tables, and charts as long as they are properly formatted and cited (you must use proper MLA format). • communicate valid conclusions to your readers; and synthesize sources in order to make a persuasive argument, offering claims, reasons, and evidence in a compelling way that puts your argument in conversation with other sources about the same problem; • be 1500-2200 words in length, not including your heading or citations. Essays that fall below or above this word limit will not meet criteria for conciseness; remember there is a penalty of 1 point per 10 missing words. • Demonstrate that you understand and can apply the concepts and terms for building an argument as we have discussed throughout the semester; utilize the proper proposal argument organization; and • Follow all MLA guidelines for formatting your paper and citing your sources. Banned Topics You cannot write about the following topics, which your professor is tired of reading about: 1.The current face mask mandate 2.Anything to do with marijuana. 3.Abortion or euthanasia4.Death Penalty5.A Border Wall6.Legal age of Drinking or Smoking7.Distracted or Impaired Driving (this includes Texting)8.Who to vote for in the next election (though many of the issues raised by candidates are valid topics)9.Broad subjects. You must be specific in your proposal and in the audience you will target.Due Dates for Essay 3 are located on your Syllabus Calendar

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The Dallas Cowboys