The brand chosen is luxury brand LOEWE. The idea is the carpentry wards/foundation.

The brand chosen is luxury brand LOEWE. The idea is the carpentry wards/foundation..

The brand chosen is luxury brand LOEWE. The idea is the carpentry wards/foundation. A collection of ten artists’ work/ furniture in a collection. It will be large furniture eg. chair, table, etc. Below more deatils Requirements Your report should include: • A thorough overview of the brand/company: corporate history, positioning and branding. Specifically, the project should provide a comprehensive analysis of the chosen brand, and clarify its position within the trends of the luxury industry and the wider business environment – in its political, legal, economic, environmental, social forces [recommended length: 1000 words] • A section on the product/service proposed, together with a suitable marketing mix (product, price, promotion, place etc.). A digital marketing strategy should also be considered. This section must be tightly linked with the branding elements previously considered [recommended length: 1500 words] • A conclusive section, summarising the report and clarifying the expected results as well as assessing potential areas of risks [recommended length: 250 words] Indicative Structure 1. Title 2. Contents 3. Glossary (if needed) o List and explain any acronyms, symbols or similar notations used in the report 4. Executive Summary o highlighting the report aims, brief overview of the product/service proposed and conclusion (not included in word count) 5. Company Profile o Introduction to the company. Include here an overview of the history, development and objectives. Try to link your considerations to the wider picture, bringing in macro-factors that are relevant to the luxury marketplace (characteristics, trends, evolution, influence from political, economic, technological forces). o Analytical models to be used: SWOT analysis. You can include alternative ones/additional ones 6. Brand analysis o clarifying the brand DNA and identity. Analyse also how the brand reflects on the product mix offered by the company, the distribution, the digital presence and communication strategies. o Analytical models to be used: Prism of Identity (by Kapferer). You can include alternative /additional models 7. Product/Service Proposal and Marketing Strategy o Describing the product/service proposed, and the rationale for your choice. Assess the feasibility of the project and the suitability to the brand and the company’s strategy o Topic to be considered: brand stretching, 4or 7Ps (to be implemented). 8. Conclusions and Recommendations o Present and explain your overall conclusions. Evaluate whether you answered your research questions and met your objectives. 9. References or Bibliography o Follow the Chicago Referencing system. 10. Appendices o The length of this assignment limits the amount of the information you will be able to include in the main part of the text. Make use of the appendixes for all those elements that supports your analysis or validates your conclusions (such as the models). This will allow you to save space. My research so far and a guide of what the concept is what to also include CEOs words – Loewe is in an interesting position. Since his arrival in 2013, creative director Jonathan Anderson has created for it a sophisticated, craft-based artful identity. – the brand “still has low awareness beyond the fashion circles,” particularly in the United States. Among her goals: increasing awareness without sacrificing Loewe’s distinctive cerebral quirkiness. – Another expectation: breaking the billion- euro mark within four years, which should be “not too complicated” to achieve. Yet Lepoivre declines to use the word target, maintaining that smart growth and respect for the brand’s identity are more important than excessive focus on a number. – We targeted a list of eight to 10 fashion capitals where people travel. We think the brand has to have a stronger representation and a full, holistic representation in these cities. – it is known for a vibrant lifestyle, maybe for a bit of unconventional creativity. So all of this gives us very big freedom to design our own path blend of impeccable craftsmanship but at the same time the whimsical creativity and a bit of the real-life aspect. – To combine the experimentation and a bit of radical [design] with the effortless lifestyle that is legitimate thanks to the Spanish vibe. – We try to be quite open, quite approachable. Obviously, we try to make luxury that makes people interested or that makes them feel curious and excited. – Jonathan has always been obsessed with art, and I think it fits with the brand. The stores as well, the art is a very good way to express the brand – Especially with these flagships, we ultimately consider physical stores as media, a communication tool. – I think the obsession and the expertise for things well-made – As we do, we want really to keep this quirkiness or this freedom to mix things that usually don’t go together [with significant growth]. – We are completely obsessed with with making things, inventing things, whether objects or clothes. – [Loewe Craft Prize], promoting and recognizing the importance of people who do creative stuff with their hands – and warmth, a homey feeling. This sense of warmth is really important. Yearly furniture capsule collection for Loewe – As one of Loewe’s main brand elements is craftsmanship we want to propose a new furniture line for them. – Loewe has since 2016 given out a LOEWE FOUNDATION Craft Prize to artists and designers who innovate craftsmanship for the future. – As a new part of the Loewe foundation they will now as well have a design furniture competition and the finalists will then produce a capsule collection together with Loewe. 4Ps Marketing Strategy Product: The furniture will be in line with the Loewe foundations guidelines for the original craft prize. It should also have a sustainable focus and be made of natural materials. -be an original work, handmade or partly handmade – have been created in the last five years – be one-of a-kind – have won no prizes previously – demonstrate artistic intent. Price: The pricing strategy will be in line with Loewe’s other products keeping in mind that furniture of course will cost much more that a handbag. As an example, a table designed by the finalist will cost around XX. The profits will be split 30/70 with the larger amount going to the emerging designer. Promotion: The promotion strategy will focus on the designer and story around the craftsmanship. To create a hype around the collection there will only be a limited number of products and they will be released one after another. Place: The products can be ordered online or bought at selected flagship stores. In the flagship stores a room will be dedicated for the collection and styled with a home-feel, so the customers can imagine how the products will look in their homes. Digital Marketing: Loewe foundation furniture · Goals- Create attention, exposure for artists and brand, Associating brand supporting arts, · Target audience- · Budget- · Balance of free and paid- Organic exposure and publicity ids best. Paid to help make people aware. · Mobile friendly · Analytics- where people get their info what they trust, Ø Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)- Articles using keywords. Ø Content Marketing- Videos how it’s made background, inspiration ideas Ø Social media Marketing- Tik tok, Instagram Loewe already large audience, use media outlets to post and gain reach, Facebook, No paid adverts on fb its dead people have trust issues with fb. Instagram sponsored posts or endorsements Ø Pay Per Click (PPC)- Could be used but not necessary a bit dead cash could be used for other things Ø Affiliate Marketing- Ø Native advertising- Ø Marketing Automation- Ø Email Marketing- News letter people already subscribed give update or exclusive glimpse Ø Online PR- Use network to promote the foundation and gain attention, good cause supporting artists after covid difficult Ø Inbound Marketing Ø Sponsored Content- Instagram posts

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The brand chosen is luxury brand LOEWE. The idea is the carpentry wards/foundation.