The Age of Charlemagne

The Age of Charlemagne.



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Despite his militaristic conquests and forceful conversions, Charlemagne is often considered a shining light during a dark period in European history, especially in regards to literacy and the arts. Explore this idea further and discuss Charlemagne’s attitude toward education, including the impact he had on the preservation and eventual transmission of classical knowledge. Please be sure to use at least two specific and detailed examples of Charlemagne’s influence from the assigned materials.

The purpose of Reflection questions is to demonstrate that you have completed the assigned readings, videos, and other materials for the week and have attempted to understand and reflect on the material. To accomplish this, be sure to offer analysis rather than merely summary and include specific quotes and examples from the assigned materials, including the textbook, to support your ideas. Be sure to include citations to identify where the information came from. When discussing the material, it is important to identify where your supporting evidence comes from by citing the names of assigned articles and videos and providing page numbers for information from the textbook. It is also best to use direct quotations from the assigned materials whenever possible.

Landmarks in Humanities 5th Ed. Textbook pages 129 -131 be sure to use time stamp in citations

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The Age of Charlemagne