Statistics in healthcare week 3

Statistics in healthcare week 3.

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This week we will discuss great research questions for predictive designs. A great research question will include all of the variables, identify the predictor and outcome variable, and will imply the measurement scale of the variables. A great research question will also give you enough information to know what statistic(s) will be appropriate to answer the question.

The topic for this week’s forum is finding a GREAT research question or research hypothesis from an empirical study. It should be so thoroughly stated that we would all be able to have a good idea of the measurement scale of the variables – all of them should be at least ordinal to require linear regression.


Please copy and paste ONE question/hypothesis (great ones will be one sentence only) and list the citation. Then tell us why YOU believe the variables involved are ordinal/interval/ratio, and WHY regression – in your words. Please make your postings brief by writing succinctly.

Statistics in healthcare week 3