Sketch A crime Scene

Sketch A crime Scene.

I’m trying to learn for my Art & Design class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

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The crime that you have arrived on the scene to investigate is a home invasion. The offender has forced his way into the home by smashing in the front door. The victim was sitting in the living room on the sofa when the offender struck the victim in the head with a large granite ashtray that was in the victim’s home. Your investigation reveals that the victim was unable to fight off the attacker because the victim had taken some pills to help her sleep. Previous to the attack and before taking the pills the victim had been sorting laundry in the living room while watching television. The pills are on a tray table next to the sofa. The victim was lying on the couch upon your arrival, unconscious but is still alive. It appears as if a wall safe hidden behind a picture on the wall is missing from the room. Your job is to sketch the crime scene.


  • You must include the following items in your crime scene:
    • The weapon used against the victim
    • The pills the victim had taken
    • The furniture in the room including the sofa the victim was found laying on. (Please refer to the description above for other items)
    • The position of the victim’s body when you found her on the sofa
    • The point of entry of the offender
    • Blood spatter that was found at the scene
    • The clothing that the victim was sorting before the attack
  • You may use any room in your home or apartment or for that matter any person’s living room that you are familiar with so that you can diagram that room. The diagram does not have to be to scale. However, you may want to include measurements of the room in your sketch. You can use your imagination and include any items such as lamps, decorations, knick-knacks, etc. to enhance the quality of your sketch. Remember you must accurately depict the crime that happened here so carefully read the description above.
  • Your sketch must have a “key” or a “legend” to assist the person looking at your sketch in interpreting the scene.

Once you have your sketch you will need to take a picture of it or scan it

Sketch A crime Scene