SIT708 Mobile Systems Development

SIT708 Mobile Systems Development.


In this assignment you will individually create a proposal for a responsive mobile app project. Later in Assessments 2 and 3, you will build on your project proposal, so you should read Assessment 2 and 3 to inform your decisions on this proposal and investigate the project with their essentials. The project you propose should demonstrate your understanding of the coding concepts and skills developed throughout this trimester in a progressive mobile system development context. The proposed project may involve implementing algorithms and coding to create a realistic system. You are free to design and think of imaginative behaviours and actions for the responsiveness in your plan that satisfy the requirements outlined below in a creative manner.

Your project should demonstrate the use of multiple components, composition, reusability, transitions, rendering, scaling up and animations in a larger system of both autonomous and interactive mobile application (Please scan weekly activities in the unit guide for further details). The purpose and format of your project is up to you. For example, you may choose to focus on a realistic simulation, a blockchain-based mobile application, a game-like experience, an IoT application, etc. The unit staff will be happy to hear your new ideas and provide feedback. 


You will create a proposal document of no less than 2000 (max. 3500) words to describe and explain the following information clearly and concisely.

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SIT708 Mobile Systems Development