Short discussion

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You are the Employee Relations Manager.

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Discussion Question:

What discipline action, if any, would you pursue with the server? Please provide rationale for your decision.

Suggested length is five to eight sentences.

This is an actual event that occurred in 2007 at a small integrated casino resort off the Las Vegas Strip.

On January 25, you were working your shift as a manager in the casino resort restaurant when one of your employees, a server, slipped in the kitchen area spraining her ankle. The employee was treated by a physician and was told that she would be unable to return to her job for three weeks. Since the injury occurred on property, she was placed on Workers Compensation with a scheduled date to return to the property for February 15 after she received a written release from the physician with a scheduled appointment for February 14. Under Workers Compensation, the employee had the option of receiving 66 2/3% of her hourly rate and tips (based on the hourly tip rate set by the IRS tip compliance agreement) or receive 80% of her salary by working on property in a light duty capacity (an alternate administrative job within the resort in close adherence to the physician’s restrictions – an example of this is a reassignment to work in office services removing staples from thousands of documents that come through the office prior to scanning). The employee decided to not work on light duty accepting the 66 2/3 % pay. She was verbally told by the manager that she was unable to work at the property or another job until she had a physician’s release.

On February 8, the chef for the restaurant showed the restaurant manager a picture from his phone of the employee currently on workers compensation serving food at a small neighborhood restaurant. The employee was brought in and asked if she was working another job. She stated that she was not. When the manager showed her the picture, the employee stated that she did not work at the restaurant and was just helping out the owner for tips. She further stated that her ankle was feeling better and she attempted, but was unable to make an earlier appointment with the physician to be checked and receive a written release in order to return to work. With her rent due, she felt she had no choice.