Revise for the final draft

Revise for the final draft.

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Feedback from peer review

-There is a lot of good facts right off the bat in the intro and I think throwing a quote in here could build even more credibility from the start. -I see a lot of stats through the paper like when you mentioned 39% of the world suffers from this but a proper quote with in text citation should be in place for these situations. -I feel like too much time was spent on the ideas that were supposed to be developed in the conversations project but you did set up a good argument against other ways that are ineffective. By the time you navigated all of this though I feel like you had left little room to discuss policy and your fix and your focus should have a little more weight in this area. -I think you could benefit from a more scientific explanation as to why physical activity is the only way to effectively and permanently lose weight when supplemented with proper diet because just saying this is proven to be all that works does little to change minds. You have to say why. -overall this is a pretty good paper I just think like I said earlier, maybe you could adjust the focus a little and get into some more of the details to your solution. Also sources and in text citations need to be used, granted I wait to put those into my writing until later so maybe that is the case for you as well in which case I understand.

Revise for the final draft