respond to two classmates

respond to two classmates.

I’m working on a Management exercise and need support.

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you will need to respond to two classmates about their response.

first student

Watching the 20 Mile March, I have seen this video before and find it very useful in everyday life. Clarity, momentum and action. I have been guilty of putting all my energy in class work, in life events and work that other days I feel exhausted. In class work, I have a tendency to wait till Sundays and cram all my homework in that day instead of pacing it out throughout the week. I have learned over the years to do what I can during the week so I’m not overwhelmed on Sunday. In life, I have been known to procrastinate certain projects, not that I couldn’t do it, I just wasn’t excited about doing it, so I would wait until I absolutely needed to do it. I have learned to make better use of my time and do what I need to do when it needs to be done. Finally, at work, at the beginning of every month I have statements to send out amongst reports to get done, I found myself working 10-12 hour days for a few days to get them all done. I have now learned to get a jump start on reports and statements, by getting all I can get done up to the point. In our management text book it talks in Chapter Two about decision making, and the four key points in making those decisions. First, define the problem. Second, look at the problem from different perspective and generate multiple solutions. Third, evaluate the ideas or possible solutions. Fourth, implement the solution. Last, re-examine your solutions. (pgs. 80-81)

second student

The 20-mile march is a great idea. I often found myself doing the same things the guy was doing in the example given on the video. On good days I go hard, but often taken on to much leaving myself tired or burnt out. I do not make “rational” decisions when it comes to planning my time efficiently. For example, I normally work 45 hours a week, but on some days off I find myself having a lot of energy, so I pick up extra shifts, this sometimes results in me working several days in a row with no time off and burning me out quick. An approach I read in chapter 2 of Management I found that could be very helpful in my decision making process. In making decision when it comes to work or school or even my life, I need to be more objective and logical. Setting small goals that could lead to completing bigger goals. For example, if I know I have some stuff coming up I could plan ahead by completing the weekly discussion. Doing it ahead of time can also come in handing if something were to happen out of the blue. I could use the 4 steps described in chapter 2, Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling. This process can be found on page. 50 in the textbook.

respond to two classmates