Real TIme Business Analytics and Management- 2000 Words.

Real TIme Business Analytics and Management- 2000 Words..

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This is just a report

1- Introduction should be short and only mention what you are writing in about

2- Summary followed by relative side headings

3- conclusion needs to be straight and simple.

4- References 8-12

Develop a real time business analytics and management proposal/plan. In this assessment you

need to consider an organisation in an industry of your choice and articulate the steps needed

to enable data driven decision making. You will need to think as a consultant or an employee

reporting directly to the COE.

Articulate the understanding of business problems, gather some data sets and explain about

the problem, execution of your solution, what could be the outcome and how you can track the

outcome. How it helps the business and helps to maintain their strategies or change into new

strategies. Get some datasets and put them into visualisation fo

1) Identify a company and industry that benefits with data analytics- For this choose a

company from the retail industry(Which is Located in Australia) so that you can find data sets

easily. If you can’t find data sets, make some dummy data and create a dashboard. Mostly

concentrate on the sales dashboard, create by using any Business intelligence tools or excel

and “don’t explain very deeply about the dashboard”. The dashboard does not need to be

interactive but needs to be new and genuine.

2) you need to consider the current mode of operations, possible inefficiency, available

data and how these data is used to provide efficiencies based on the concepts and techniques

in real time business analytics and management. Recommend any one business Intelligence

tool to remove the inefficiencies and explain why this was recommended. Write about

standardisation Business life cycle and business analytical life cycle based on the

recommendation. Make it straight and simple.

Real TIme Business Analytics and Management- 2000 Words.