read the case study and follow the instructions

read the case study and follow the instructions.

I don’t know how to handle this Management question and need guidance.

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External Environmental Analysis:

Analyze the current situation as described in the case, collect information from authentic sources like firm’s website and must include:

A. The firm

B. The industry the firm operates in

C. Competition

D. Major Challenges the firm/industry faced with

The firms Business Strategy: What strategy the firm has adopted (‘Cost Leadership’, ‘Differentiation’, ‘Cost Focus’ or ‘Differentiation Focus’) and what are its implications on firm’s economic performance.

Internal Environmental Analysis of the Firm:

You could discuss issues from the following:

Internal environment.

Rivalry in the industry.

Market growth rate

Firm’s market share.

Firms resources, capabilities, competencies, core competencies and distinctive competences.

Use an appropriate strategic management analysis tool to analyze the situation.

Perform SWOT Analysis:

What Did I Learn from this case study:

Q01: What is the basis for Competitive Advantage in entertainment industry? Are convergence and vertical integration still important in entertainment industry?

Q02: How did AT&T become a diversified company? What was the rationale for entering the entertainment sector? Was it a good choice?

Q03: Evaluate AT&T corporate strategy? Is it going in the right direction?

Q04: What should AT&T do?

References (APA Format)

read the case study and follow the instructions