Psyc 2301 watch movie and write an analysis

I’m studying for my Psychology class and need an explanation.

Topic: Select and watch a movie from the website and write an analysis on the DSM-4/ DSM-5 classification system of psychological and mental disorders. Refer to the below link and attachments listed separately under Course Content to write your Discussion. Break it down into each of the 5 Axes as listed below:

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Axis I: Includes most all mental health disorders, except Personality Disorders and Intellectual Disability (formerly called Mentally Retarded)

Axis II: Personality Disorders

Axis III: Medical Conditions (e.g., Diabetes, Asthma,High Blood Pressure, etc)

Axis IV: Psychosocial and Environmental Stressors (e.g., Homeless, Financial Problems, Failing Grades, No Family/Friend Support System, etc.)

Axis V: Global Assessment of Functioning (GAF). The VeryWellMind site will also give some examples for the rating scale.