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Project Delievrables 4: Project Quality Plan Schedule

Quality is the focus point of performance in all projects; most companies view quality as a process, and continuously improving processes retain existing customers, win back lost

customers, and win new customers. Quality is a multi-faceted attribute that can be found in products and services and is defined as conformance to requirements.

Quality planning is a process for identifying quality standards and requirements for the overall project and for tracking, monitoring, and managing the expectations of planned quality. The inputs for quality planning include the scope document, the requirements from stakeholders, the risk register, and the project schedule . By using this input information, a project manager in cooperation with the quality team can develop a quality plan for the project.

There are plenty of tools to define and execute the quality planning strategies. One of them is the testing plan that impacts on targeting customer satisfactions. Using the MS Project, and Gantt Chart, determine the work flow of the testing process improvement, i.e, unit testing, functional testing, integration testing, go live testing (start to finish), and schedule them accordingly assuming that you have 3 testers on your team to perform the tasks.

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projext 44444444444444