Powerd point

Powerd point.

Need help with my Health & Medical question – I’m studying for my class.

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(senior health) of the assigned book for the class. Do the following:

Suppose you are asked to lead a 1- hour discussion for a group of ten seniors at a senior citizens center. Choose one of the following topics. Create and attach a PowerPoint.

  • Issues related to urine control
  • Fall prevention
  • Prevention of influenza and pneumonia
  • Medications and aging
  • Normal aging changes
  • Use the following questions as a guide

What would be your goal?

What physiological aspects would you include?

What psychosocial aspects would you consider?

Remember to use a minimum of 2 Evidence-Based References following APA.

as long you awnser all the question do 3 to 5 slide I think will be enough.

Powerd point