PM2 Discussion9

PM2 Discussion9.

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Topics must maintain integrity from each other


Read Mark Jeffery’s case study “A_D High Tech Case B: Managing Scope Change”(attachment) from Kellogg School of Management.

Provide your position on what Johnson’s recommendation should be based on your analysis of the project impacts with forecasts by addressing the bulleted questions in your discussion. Be sure to substantiate your position from your analysis of the information provided. Be sure to respond to your classmates’ positions as well.


You capture the typical project progress metrics for your project. What other things should you monitor to get an early warning about potential project problems?

  1. Investigate the company statistics of past project success for the last five years.
  2. Use Earned Value automated software. Without it, all projects tend to fail.
  3. Look to soft, non-statistical indicators of potential project failure.
  4. Study the horoscopes of team members to see if they have compatible signs.

Draw from your personal and professional experiences to answer the question on the Discussion Board. Be sure to support your position with cited reference and synthesize your argument into a synthesized conclusion.

PM2 Discussion9