Please Answer 5 Short answer questions

Please Answer 5 Short answer questions.

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Write carefully, avoid repeating material in answers, avoid too much quoting, and do NOT use outside sources such as Wikipedia.

Material used throughout semester: McMichael, Philip. 2017. Development and Social Change: A Global Perspective. 6 th Edition. Los Angeles: Sage.

 Millstone, Erik and Tim Lang. 2008. The Atlas of Food: Who Eats What, Where, and Why. 2 nd Edition. Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press.

 Tucker, Catherine M. 2017. Coffee Culture: Local Experiences, Global Connections. 2 nd Edition. New York: Routledge

1. One way that international development is realized is through inequality. What key forms of inequality distinguish and/or define its three historical periods (colonial, development, and globalization)?

2. What are GMOs? What are possible problems with them?

3. Explain Amartya Sen’s concept of “substantive freedoms.”

4. What is “Fair Trade”? What is a possible problem with Fair Trade?

5. How might the agrofuel and land grabbing phenomenon be considered forms of eco-imperialism? Is this an example of the “solution as problem’ syndrome? Explain.

Please Answer 5 Short answer questions