Please answer 2- Questions

Please answer 2- Questions.

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Please answer 2- Questions?

please cite the references and provide the references?

1. The collection of data is not the onset of data analysis projects. A data analysis project begins with a purpose, problem, and research questions.

Find one scholarly research paper with an excellent example of:

Problem statement

Research questions

The example shall relate to a practical, real-world work environment in the information technology field. After finding the research, discuss the following:

What makes this example excellent in the topics that initiate a data analysis project?

What relates this example to a practical, real-world work environment in the information technology field?

Do the research questions meet the criteria defined in the lecture in week one?

What is the generalizability of this research?

2. Check out this website called The 25 Best Data Visualizations of 2019 Select one data visualization example that appeals to you the most. Using your own words, answer the following questions:

Why do you think it was identified as one of the 25 best?

How many dimensions of information were captured?

Do you find the data useful?

What do you like most about it?

What do you like least?

Please answer 2- Questions