Philosophy writing paper

I’m working on a Philosophy exercise and need support.

You’ll want to write enough such that your answers to the questions are fully fleshed out and concise (100 points). Minimum word count is 800 words.

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Reading 1: Coetzee, J.M., The Lives of Animals:

Reading 2: Lloyd, Genevieve, The Man of Reason: “Male” and “Female” in Western Philosophy

Writing questions:

Costello says (from Coetzee, J.M., The Lives of Animals), “Both reason and seven decades of life experience tell me that reason is neither the being of the universe nor the being of God. On the contrary reason looks to me suspiciously like the being of human thought; worse than that, like the being of one tendency in human thinking” (23).

1) Explain what you think she is saying here and draw some general implications for what this means for the kinds of philosophical accounts of human nature we’ve read about in Lloyd. Provide some specific explanation for what it would mean for ONE of the following philosophers: Aquinas, Plato, or Descartes. These thinkers are discussed by both Lloyd and Coetzee so draw on both books.

2) Explain what Costello thinks is missing from the account of human nature found in the philosopher you chose above. Be sure to include some reflection on how animals figure into this account.

Extra credit: Do you agree with Costello’s view of human nature as presented here? If so, why? If not, why not. (5 points)

There are some supportive resources in the attached file.