Personal Employability Skills Review

Personal Employability Skills Review.

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Make a Personal Employability Skills Review based on points shown below:

Note: Everything should be related to Human Resource (HR).


-Identify three (3) companies where they would like to work. The list should include the companies for the two post-graduation job postings identified in week 1. Create a report identifying details of each organization, including but not limited to company, purpose, size, and structure.

-Create a minimum of eight (8) questions that they will use to interview employees from one (1) of the employers researched above. The questions must not ask sensitive information.

-Use the questionnaire to interview at least one (1) employee from a company who works in that area. The student must inform the interviewee that the interview will be audio recorded. If this is difficult to arrange the course instructor can assist utilizing work term coordinators list available from the school.

-The interviews must be recorded, and the length of the recording should be at a minimum of 10 minutes total.

-Create a written report that summarizes the findings from the interview and reflects upon how this information has changed or reinforced their view of the employer.


a.Report identifying details for three (3) different companies

b.Interview questions

c.Audio recordings of 1 interview

d.Conducted interview

e.Interview report

Personal Employability Skills Review