Peer response to change plans

Peer response to change plans.

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It is now your turn to serve as a personal change consultant for two of your colleagues. Using all the theories, frames, and readings gleaned from the course, address the following items in your review for the author. Post your substantive feedback in the discussion board.

  • Describe at least three specific ideas in the plan that you felt were extremely creative, beneficial, and seemed destined for success.
  • Highlight two elements of the plan you might suggest the writer reconsider or modify and explain your reasoning.
  • Indicate one element (or more) that was not mentioned that you would recommend the writer consider.
  • Identify ways in which the plan illustrated several key concepts and theories from the course studies.
  • Include any other items that you feel are important and relevant to share.

Support your statements with evidence from the required studies, other research, and experiences. You are required to respond to comments to or questions about your posts.

Peer response to change plans