nitin-Discussion 6 and shanki R

nitin-Discussion 6 and shanki R.

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Task1:Students must read the case study “Communication Failures” starting on page 329 and answer the questions on page 332.


Task2:Please provide replies to below student posts each in 150 words.

Mahendra-(R.Vozer, 2012) Document retention policy provides review, retention and destruction of documents. Even though it costs the company for document retention it is necessary to create a document retention policy since the costs of litigation to produce documents if more higher. To draft a retention plan the organization has to identify which documents are important such as employee records, business contracts etc., Documents could be both paper and electronic documents even though its electronic aa company cannot retain all electronic documents so they should be filtered.

How long the organization needs to retain the documents depends of the kind of documents and what data it contains. Documents such as stock details, slips, purchase orders should be kept one year. Documents such as employee records, applications, audit reports, savings bonds, insurances expired should be retained for at least three years. Documents for assets and properties, retirement records, contracts, investments should be retained for life time.

Managing paper documents is a challenging due to privacy and security risks. These could be destroyed by many man-made disasters or natural disasters. To avoid this we should transit to paperless documents by scanning the old paper documents and converting them into electronic documents. Whereas electronic documents are suspectable to data breaches but still could be saved from natural disasters. Since the records have to be stored so many it’s a hard task to sort them according to their retention period its hard to manage the complexity and follow the rules of data and privacy.

Venkata-Data retention is an important requirement for any company both as the requirement from the governments and as a need for the company for various reasons. One of the major reasons is the legal filings and issues that might arise after long time, for which documents are required. Company should have strict policies on how the documents should be retained. The prerequisites are Retrieval – The electronic documents should be retrieved immediately when required, Security – The documents should be stored securely against the cyber-attacks and data breaches, Cost – The cost of retaining documents should be effective, and Regulations – Document retention should comply with all the legal regulations (Smallwood, 2019).

The documents include everything that a company generates in the form of electronic data including emails, invoices, documents related to taxes, suppliers, vendors, purchases, employees, real estate, expenses, partnerships, licenses, etc. These documents can be classified into different categories and the duration of document retention is strategized based on the data sensitivity and legal requirements (4 Things that Your Document Retention Plan Should Include, 2016). Companies need to comply with the rules and have a strategy designed so that there are no consequences due to destroyed documents.

The document retention duration for the electronic documents range from three years to forever. Some of the critical documents such as corporate documents should be stored forever whereas the employee details can be stored for a minimum of three years. The duration is also mentioned in the legal requirements so that the legal consequences can be handled appropriately.

nitin-Discussion 6 and shanki R