Network discussion response

Network discussion response.

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Respond to two discussion posts

1) A network access policy document gives an outline of the network protections that organizations should enact to ensure security and safety. The role of the network access policy is to educate the staff and the users on the requirements of protecting certain assets of a company and their clients. The assets could include computers, servers, documents or passwords. The policy also lays down guidelines for configuring, acquiring, and auditing networks and systems within an organization. I would suggest to a manager that the following be included in their network access policy: definitions, policy scope, physical security, information security, password security, acceptable use, wi-fi security and access, and remote devices. (Selby, 2013)

From a security standpoint, users should be able to bring in their own devices and connect to the company network as long as their devices are up to date with their security patches. They must also be educated on the fact that their devices may need to be able to run the most current anti-virus software. They must also be informed that anything that they are viewing while connected to the company network may be monitored for security purposes.

Users should not be able to do personal work on company issued equipment. Anything you do on a company issued equipment can be considered property of the company. Personal work also increases the risk of virus being placed on company issued equipment.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort has a network access and authentication policy. I would agree with their policy. Everything is clearly laid out and explained. The tell the users exactly what is expected of them from security to passwords and wi-fi access. (Jackson Hole Moutian Resort, 2011)

2) A network access policy, according to Microsoft, is “sets of conditions, constraints, and settings that allow you to designate who is authorized to connect to the network and the circumstance under which they can or can not connect” (Network Policies, 2020). A network access policy will include a broad array of guidelines for your network. This includes physical security, information security, password security, acceptable use, Wi-Fi access, and remote devices. Users of your network should be prohibited from using Bring their own device/equipment. This would streamline the protection of the network and potentially reduce overhead costs. User’s should be able to connect to the companies network; this access will be determined on a privileged basis. If a user is a customer, they should be limited to a perimeter in the network, usually a DMZ. Allow personnel to access your network for personal work is a slippier slope when implemented into your network access policy. For the sake of employing happiness, you could allow it, but you must set guidelines on when and for what. If the employee is on a break, they could access a personal email with the correct host-based defenses installed on the pc. The policy I found easily was for William Paterson University, and I agree with the policy they implemented. It covers tampering, access, personal usage, and even explains the methods for collecting information on users to uphold the policy.

Network discussion response