need two different copies please follow instructions

need two different copies please follow instructions.

I’m studying and need help with a Engineering question to help me learn.

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Chapter 10-12 provided an overview of Validating of addressed threats, threat modeling tools, and a requirements cookbook.

After reading chapter 10-12 you’re ready to participate in the next discussion.

In your textbook, one key item discussed was the important of People/Processes/Technology as it relates to security (p. 227).

Please answer the following questions in paragraph form only:

  • In your own words, provide your prospective on why you feel that combining people, processes, and technology is necessary for security.
  • Select a platform, hardware, or software and define how each component of people, processes, and technology would provide for the best security

Here is an example and please do not use this topic for your discussion. Please list them in paragraph form.


People: Key individuals that affect DevOps are Developers and the IT Operations Team. Both of these groups are critical to security because….

Processes: Developers and the IT Operations Team must define the appropriate processes related to the entire software development life cycle and promote security through…..

Technology: To provide the best security, the technology used for DevOps must be able to scan registries pre-runtime and during runtime after deployment because…

I know that some of this information is in your textbook, but I am looking for information from OTHER RESOURCES as well to fully answer the questions above.

You must do the following:

1) Create a new thread. As indicated above, please answer the following questions above. You must use a minimum of three unique references for your initial posts that are preferably from scholarly sources other than your textbook. Also, please cite all references and use proper APA formatting.


need two different copies please follow instructions