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Virtualization software makes it easy for organizations and individuals to run multiple operating systems on one computer. It is the efficiency and time-saving aspects introduced to computer functions that make virtualization software a favorite. Chapter six provides an in-depth analysis of all the benefits associated with virtualization software and how users can exploit them for enhanced computer functions. The main benefit of virtualization software is the ability to run two or more operating systems on the same computer (Pearlson, Saunders, & Galletta, 2020). Most careers inked to information technology requires individuals to install and use different operating systems for varied functions. With virtualization software, it becomes easy for users to install and run different operating systems on one computer, which eliminates the hustle of having to procure a second or third computer.

The chapter also identifies cost and time-saving as benefits introduced to users by virtualization software. The fact that virtualization software enables the running of multiple operating systems on the same computer saves individuals money that would have been spent buying as second or third computers to install additional operating systems (Pearlson, Saunders, & Galletta, 2020). Having a single workstation for multiple operating systems saves on time; it makes the process of switching from one operating system to another faster and easier, compared to instances where multiple computers are involved.

Although it is not captured in the chapter, virtualization software also introduces the aspect of efficiency, as far as working using multiple operating systems is concerned. The running of various operating systems on the same computer makes it easy for individuals and organizations to integrate their systems, which eliminates mistakes and enhances overall productivity. It is also important to note that the use of a single computer for the management of multiple operating systems enhances the disaster recovery and business continuity process, enhanced through the recovery of only one hard disk or data storage space, rather than many, involving multiple computers (Laudon & Laudon 2012).

Server sprawl is the phenomena where a number of virtual machines (VM) reach a point where they cannot be effectively managed by the administrator. To prevent virtualization sprawl, the administrator should define and enforce a process for the deployment of VMs and create a library of standardized VM image files. VMs that are being under-utilized should be archived. Additionally, the administrators can use the Virtual Machine Lifecycle Management software to oversee the implementation, delivery, operation, and maintenance of virtual machines over the course of their existence (Pearlson, Saunders, & Galletta 2016)


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