Music: What do you think is the difference between art and entertainment? What are some of the functions music has served in your own experience?

Music: What do you think is the difference between art and entertainment? What are some of the functions music has served in your own experience?.

I’m trying to learn for my Music class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

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blog entries that address the relationship between mainstream media and the counterculture. Each student must post at least two entries for this project: the first, which must be at least 250 words, should be based on the following questions; and the second, which must be approximately 50 words, should respond to the comments of other students in the group. Feel free to draw from the lectures as well as the listening, reading, and video assignments, but these posts should reflect your own critical assessment of the topic–in other words, treat the following question as a prompt for a stimulating and well-informed discussion.

included attachments related to response.

respond to one of these responses with at least 50 words:

response #1:

Entertainment can be anything from a moving theatrical play to the trashy reality tv we all love to consume. Entertainment doesn’t necessarily have to have some deeper meaning to it; it is perfectly okay for something dumb and funny to be considered entertainment. Art on the other hand does have more layers to it. Art is something that invokes deeper feelings to those who experience it. It makes us think about things in ways we haven’t thought of it before, or moves us to feel things as if they were happening to us right in the moment. Entertainment is defined as “the action of providing or being provided with amusement or enjoyment.” By this definition, art is kind of overlapping with entertainment, but not exactly the same. The way we interact with art may not always be amusing or enjoyable. It can be painful or upsetting. Entertainment is usually more light-hearted, and doesn’t require too much thinking in order to enjoy it.

To me, music can give me a myriad of different experiences depending on a lot of factors, like what I am listening to, what mood I am in, what environment I am in, and the current state or stage of my life I am in. With that being said, I have experienced great happiness and enjoyment listening to music and I have also had certain music be the soundtrack to the saddest and darkest days of my life. What I love about music is how it makes you feel like you are not alone in what you are feeling or going through, which can be extremely comforting especially in times of great distress.

Response #2:

Art is more expressing your creativity with other individuals and connecting with them through a piece of art work no matter if it’s painting or sculpture. Art is something more where you can display your visual expression and emotions. Whether it is painting or molding a piece, that person shows its physical ability to perform their piece of art. Entertainment is a way to keep people occupied and to lift up their spirits. Entertainment has that effect on people where they can be hooked for hours. Tv shows and series are great examples because a lot of people are entertained by their own unique style.

Music has served the purpose in my life by dealing with personal issues, concentrating while I’m studying, and dealing with boredom. Music is a source of entertainment while I am driving to work or studying for my math midterm. Music has always been a source of relief when I am frustrated or sad. It has helped me through tough times where I usually rely on the sound of music. Music has that ability of changing my mood, I can always play music before I go to the gym to get myself pumped before my workout. Music has also served me to understand beyond the meaning of the lyrics. I sometimes listen to the song’s repeatability to try to understand the meaning behind that song. Music has helped create new friendships. Each year I attend an electronic festival in Las Vegas where me and my crew meet random people throughout the three days where we create memories. Music has shown me that it has that power to demonstrate that it can change anyone’s lives.

Response #3:

Entertainment, I believe centers around a short time-scale (a few hours, a week, a year). It also makes us feel good and can be something people might use to forget their troubles.It doesn’t surprise us; it meets our expectations. And that’s why we like entertainment: it coddles us. But the problem with entertainment is it leaves us unchanged. And we so desperately need to be changed, whether we realize it or not.
Art, on the other hand, transforms us.How? It breaks our hearts, causes us to cry, and reveals our own inadequacies. Art is more permanent, and I think tends to be something that connects generations. That’s why painters use oil & canvas; why architects use steel and concrete; why great books and texts of ancient cultures are locked away in impervious chambers. But I think art is also “heavier” than entertainment. Entertainment is usually easy because you don’t need to change before you “get it”. With art, sometimes you can go half a lifetime before something inside you shifts, and you realize the artist was on to something all along. Art requires a kind of growth or experience that lets you see and feel things you didn’t know existed.
As for music, personally I can’t go a day without listening to some form of melody or song. The main function it serves for me is needing it for mood changer or energy boost. I love to blast music through my headphones while I run to the beat. Not only am I exercising but it helps relieve any stress or tension in my day.

Response #4:

Art is a subjective word given to describe various forms of expression. Entertainment is a form of expression meant to amuse an audience no matter how large or small. Entertainment and art work together, as entertainment is oftentimes the monetization of art. In my opinion, Art is the creative outlet of an individual made for their own use. What the individual chooses to do with their art is at their discretion. Entertainment on the other hand is meant to be shared, it’s the art individuals put out for a specific purpose. For example, if a musician writes a song that is art. But if a musician begins selling records and playing live shows, those songs are now both art and entertainment. Art becomes entertainment when the artist chooses to share it. The two are intertwined, you cannot have entertainment without first having art. In my experience, music serves many purposes. Music is everywhere, you can hear songs playing in cars driving by, waiting in an elevator, or even walking by a street corner. For me, I’ve been listening to music from the farthest back time I can remember. Growing up my parents always had it on in the car, my grandpa had an old jukebox with 50’s and 60’s music in his basement, and I always remember loving music. I never learned to play an instrument, but was always fascinated by hearing various sounds they could produce. In elementary school I had to participate in choir all the way through, but singing was not for me. But around the same time, I also saw my first concert and have loved attending live music ever since. I guess simply put, listening to music has always been my favorite function of it. Every song is a different story, and I like actively finding more and building my collection. Music is something that is always there, for every mood or circumstance it seems as if there’s a song that matches. While it’s never been a creative outlet for me, I enjoy learning from the expression of others. When I do homework, music is on. When I drive, music is on. When I work out, music is on. Throughout all life throws at me, music has always been there. And I guess that’s the function music plays for me, an essential part of life. A world without music and concerts is not one I want to be living in.

Music: What do you think is the difference between art and entertainment? What are some of the functions music has served in your own experience?