music 2oth centuary

music 2oth centuary.

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  1. Select a composition that you are unfamiliar with from the Classical, Romantic or 20th century eras (it should be instrumental and the composer is conveying an emotion, place or event). After you have studied and listened to the selection, find someone you would like to share it with. Share the music with a listening partner (colleague in this class, friend or family member). Before the first listening do not tell them the title.For the first question, provide a brief description of your partner. The title and composer of the selection

    1. After the first listen, describe their reaction and comments about the selection

      QUESTION 3

      1. Did their description coincide with the composer’s title or intention of the music? Speculate why or why not.

        QUESTION 4

        1. Tell your partner the title of the selection and listen again. How did your partner’s reaction change?

          QUESTION 5

          1. After discussing the piece with your partner, did your feelings about the selection change or stay the same? Speculate why.

music 2oth centuary