Module 01 Discussion – A First Mover

Module 01 Discussion – A First Mover.

I need help with a Business question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

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Imagine that you are a partner in a venture capital (VC) firm; a company that invests in startup companies. You earned the respective position of partner (from associate) with your early suggestions to invest in the companies Google and Yahoo. These decisions to invest earned the firm millions of dollars.

Recently, your suggested investments have not yielded a strong return on investment (ROI). You are worried you may lose your coveted partner position with your VC firm.
Help save your career! Research the World Wide Web (WWW) for a youthful company to invest in, one that will earn your VC firm millions of dollars! Find another Google!

Initial Post:

  • Once you find a youthful company to invest in, provide a quick summary (4+ sentences) on what this company is all about.
    • Aim for a company that is less than 5 years old. Tip: Any company that is listed on a stock exchange is likely not a youthful company i.e. Facebook is not a youthful company.
  • Then, in a few sentences (4+), convince your classmates (fellow partners at your VC firm) on why they should all invest their money into this company.
    • Tell your classmates why you believe this company will have tremendous growth in the years to come.
  • Be prepared to defend your position

Module 01 Discussion – A First Mover