Modern Germany

Modern Germany.

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ESSAY: Choose one of the following three prompts and make sure to address it in full. Your response must be at least 750 words (but no more than 1,000) in which you provide a clear, reasoned argument based on concrete evidence gleaned from class. For a good grade, each body paragraph of your essay should contain at least three examples from lecture (people, events, ideas, institutions, etc.) as well as three examples from course readings and/or assigned multimedia items. When quoting or referencing these sources, you can either mention the title of the work in the text or insert a parenthetical citation at the end of the sentence.


Analyze the differences that set East and West Germany apart during the postwar era:How did each state develop from earlier patterns in German history? Which of the two Societies was the more authentic outgrowth of traditions from before 1945? Why was one more legitimate than the other in that respect?

Modern Germany