mis assignment 2

mis assignment 2.

I need support with this Management question so I can learn better.

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Case Study 1: Should a Computer Grade Your Essays?

  1. 1) Identify the kinds of systems described in this case. (1 Mark)
  2. 2) What are the benefits of automated essay grading? What are the drawbacks? (1 Mark)
  3. 3) What management, organization, and technology factor should be considered when deciding whether to use AES? (1 Mark)

Case Study 2: American Water Keeps Data Flowing

  1. 1) How did implementing a data warehouse help American Water move toward a more centralized organization? (1 Mark)
  2. 2) Give some examples of problems that would have occurred at American Water if its data were not “clean”? (1 Mark)
  3. 3) How did American Water’s data warehouse improve operations and management decision making? (1 Mark)

you must to explain and do it with more specific details all the cases, then you should choose one case and do the powerpoint of the presentation

mis assignment 2