Marketing Discussion9

Marketing Discussion9.

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Topic: Comparing Social Media

As social media and online marketing in general have become predominant forces in product promotion, it is incumbent on all marketing professionals to be conversant in the pros and cons of various social media platforms. In this discussion you have the opportunity to compare some of the most highly used social media platforms used today (, 2019).

  • Compare the two social media sites. Either WhatsApp and Snapchat or WeChat and Twitter. Which would be best suited to promote home products?
  • Explain your choice.
  • What are the pros and cons of using the site you chose? Is there another social media site that would be better suited? Describe the alternative site and the benefits of using it to promote home products.
  • How would your choice of social media sites for promotion change if you were promoting home services instead of products? Explain.


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Marketing Discussion9