Literature writing -01

Literature writing -01.

Can you help me understand this Writing question?

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Death of a Salesman, by Arthur Miler

Background: Gender roles are very clearly marked in this play.Men and women seem to have very different expectations and freedoms. So they need to be discussed separately here to get a “handle” on what’s going on.

word count total at least 350

1. Discuss the role of sports in defining Biff’s, Willy’s and Happy’s attitudes about themselves. What do sports do for men’s fantasy life?

2. Discuss the role of family in defining women’s “American Dreams” and expectations.(Think of Linda and the Woman for example.) If this is a play about universals (as “tragedy” might be expected to be), why do you think men and women are treated so differently? (Notice that Miller could have added a daughter, but didn’t.) So is it a play about universals? What kind?

Literature writing -01