Literature review

I’m working on a Literature question and need guidance to help me study.

Literature review:

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About nuclear waste in general with a little detail about how the systems work and what is the effect of that waste and how nuclear plant mange that and the systems that help in management of waste and how it is works . Also include how the operators will act in abnormal condition.


The structure of the literature review :

Page 1, Cover page – the title

Page 2, Abstract ( purpose of the writing and what you will talk about) 6 to 7 lines it’s okay

Page 3, Introduction: ( the mean idea and the purpose or overall statement , keywords, databases )

Page 3-4, Body ( talk about the waste systems in the nuclear plant )

Page 5, Conclusion ( summarizes the literature review, discuss implications and create a space for future research needed in this area.

Page 6, Reference, 5-6 reference (APA style)