Leadership and Personality

Leadership and Personality.

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This assignment requires answering several questions. Each question should be answered with a minimum of 500 words and at least one reference. The textbook reference is: Manning, G., & Curtis, K. (2019). The Art of Leadership, (6th ed.). New York, McGraw-Hill Higher Education. Please add the references on a reference page but there is no need for a cover page.

(1) How would you evaluate Jobs in terms of interpersonal style–traditional participative or individualistic? (Pages attached)

(2) Discuss the role of personality in your work experience–are you traditional participative or individualistic?

(3) Discuss the role of delegation in the leadership process. What qualities did Herb Callahan manifest? How can one assign work effectively? (pages attached)

The first five pages are attached; will attach the others when a tutor responds.

Leadership and Personality