Knowledge managementwrite a detailed report

Knowledge managementwrite a detailed report.


Assignment 3

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Choose any organization of your choice (Preferably from Saudi Arabia) and write a detailed report with following headings. (600 Words)

Report Title: Knowledge management in organizations. 

Part A. Introduction

The introduction part must highlight the following. 

v Conceptual framework of knowledge management.

v Brief description of the selected organization.

v Description of the processes used to capture and disseminate knowledge in selected organization.

v  Major steps taken by the organization to make knowledge management a success.

v Highlight the major challenges faced by the organizations in Saudi Arabia to implement knowledge management practices. 

Part B. Recommendation and Conclusion:

What suggestions/recommendations would you like to provide to the Saudi organization in general for effective implementation of knowledge management systems.

Write down conclusion in one paragraph.

Knowledge managementwrite a detailed report