JPMorgan and the London Whale case

JPMorgan and the London Whale case.

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Questions are listed in Attach file: JP Morgan and the London Whale Case study questions

1. How did JP Morgan find itself in this position? Develop a timeline of events from 2011 to the summer of 2011 2. On a higher level: Is it appropriate to employ derivatives in a cash management function? 3. How did the bank, its shareholders, and the regulators react to this situation? Were these reactions appropriate? Take a stand and defend your position 4. Consider the organizational structure and processes at JP Morgan in early 2011: 1. How active should/can risk management be in terms of enforcing limits or breaches? 2. Would it help to change the organizational structure of JP Morgan? 3. if you were to re-design the risk management policy for the CIO, what would be your top 3 changes?

JPMorgan and the London Whale case