John Deere and its suppliers management supplied chain

John Deere and its suppliers management supplied chain.

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With the application as the focus of this class, the best way to test the knowledge you learned, is to apply them in real-world scenarios. This assignment gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your practical management ability as a supply chain manager in a real company, John Deere, when facing issues from the complex suppliers.


  • Summarizing the case using bullet points instead of a whole paragraph (2-3 slides)
  • Answering Q1-4 (1-2 slides for each question)
  • Your answer should be based on the case and your knowledge learned from the class or other reliable resources
  • All questions are open-ended, and creative thinking is encouraged
  • Concise and precise answers are required


  • Submit as a Microsoft PowerPoint Slide file
  • Treat this as the slides you will use for a professional presentation
  • Avoid whole paragrams in the slides. You can leave your notes under the slides, but it is optional.

John Deere and its suppliers management supplied chain