ISM 3011 Individual Project – Oral Presentation

ISM 3011 Individual Project – Oral Presentation.

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Assignment Description & Purpose
This individual project will include an oral presentation proposing an information system as a solution for a business challenge. There are a number of business-specific challenges presented in the Panotech LLC Case. Your oral presentation will provide an information system solution to one of the challenges presented. Presenting your solution by means of video to the rest of the class will provide you a unique opportunity to familiarize yourself with presenting technical information to a broad audience.
Assignment Overview
Each student will present an information system of their choice and explain why it will serve as a solution to the selected challenge. The presentation will not require you to be on screen at all times but if you are able to please include relevant presentation material to bolster your argument. Your presentation should be aimed at convincing the Panothech leadership to authorize implementation of your selected information system solution.
Grading Criteria
This assignment carries a total of 20 points and will be graded based on the following grading rubric. The rubric will focus on your ability to present material of a technical nature. While the focus is not on professional appearance I would recommend treating your deliverable as you would an in person presentation.
Assignment Instructions
Before attempting to answer the questions below please be sure to read over the Panotech company profile as this will help you understand the context of each challenge.

  • Develop a video presentation recommending a information system as a solution to one of the challenges at Panotech.
  • Evaluate why the recommended information system will serve as a good solution
  • What additional changes to business process do you foresee being required in order to successfully implement the system.
  • What evidence can you provide that this will be a financially sound investment for the firm
  • Your video submission should be at least 3 mins and no more than 5 minutes in length.

ISM 3011 Individual Project – Oral Presentation