Introduction to sociology

Help me study for my Sociology class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

For this assignment, you will reflect on how you identify along social class lines. In doing so, state how you identify in terms of social class and then you will explain two areas/issues in your life that are directly impacted, limited, expanded, influenced, etc., by your social class status. Remember, the text reminds us that social class status influences everything from the way we dress, the foods we prefer to where we can afford to live. I then want you think about how these areas in your life would be different if you were of a different social class status and explain what they would look like if this were the case. Discuss the “nature vs. nurture” argument as it relates to sex and gender. Provide an example of what would be considered a result of nature and an example that would be the result of nurture. Which do you feel is more important when it comes to shaping gender, nature or nurture? Given the fact that there are some distinct changes that occur to our bodies and minds as we age, how then can we argue that the process of aging is socially constructed? Explain in your own words and provide at least one example, not mentioned in the book to illustrate your answer. Using what is listed in the book where it discusses the functionalist perspective of family, list and explain the functions families serve. If someone was critical of the functionalist perspective of the family and asked, “For whom does the family function?” What would be your answer? Explain why. Has cohabitation become more or less acceptable than a decade ago? Than a generation ago? Why?Use the information in the book to support your answer.

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