Intro of Computer Science

Intro of Computer Science.

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The selection sort uses comparisons and exchanges to sort a list of items into order such as alphabetical or numerical order. A selection sort is an order of magnitude n2 in all cases, and a sequential search is an order of magnitude n algorithm in the worst case. The selection sort grows at approximately the square of the rate, meaning that it requires more work to complete. The number of comparisons and the amount of work for a given length n is demonstrated below. The Number of comparisons required uses a formula similar to how Gauss computed a similar sum. Complete the table using the formula below. See Figure 3.7 in the book for an example.

Formula: 1/2 n2 – 1/2 n


1/2 102 – 1/2 10
1/2 100 – 5
50 – 5


Intro of Computer Science