International Communication Wikipedia Project

International Communication Wikipedia Project.

I’m working on a Communications question and need guidance to help me study.

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This project has a weekly schedule as shown as attached pictures. I’ve already done the first 4 weeks tasks, from week 2 to week 5, and I need help to do the rest 4 weeks tasks, from week 6(this week, due on Sunday) to week 9. It’s often training courses and will not take more than 20 min for each week. However, the ultimate goal is “drafting articles by using sandboxes, contributing to the topic meaningfully, adding sub-titles/categories where necessary/linking to other articles where necessary, no maximum word limit, minimum 500 word count contribution” on the assigned topic’s Wikipedia entries. I will share the account information on the course page so you have access to the tasks anytime. You do not to go through the earlier tasks if you have experience on Wikipedia entries, but I strongly encourage you to go through it anyways, it is very detailed and should give you a clear way to finish the assignment since there’s only training than the actual writing. It’s not that much of the work, trust me. Please keep in mind, this order is for the rest 4 weeks tasks. The rest 4 weeks tasks is mainly writing the article on the assigned topic and moving the article to the Wikipedia. Feel free to finish the project as soon as you may like. As long as you follow the weekly schedule and do the weekly tasks, it should not be that much of the work. The due date for the last week is May 30th. So I put down 20 days for the time limit on this order, just a little bit earlier than the final dead line to make sure everything is correct and right.

International Communication Wikipedia Project