InfoTech in a Global Economy

InfoTech in a Global Economy.

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Write a 1500 word paper discussing any of the topics addressed in any of the discussion boards from weeks 1 – 8. Please submit your topic by week 2. This paper is worth 1/3 of your grade or 300 points. Your paper will be graded on content, structure, grammar, and APA formatting. Use sufficient amount of references (15 minimum or roughly 3 per page). Please use Times New Roman, Font 12, and double spaced. Ensure your references are in a separate bibliography. Submit your paper to SafeAssign and submit the report with your paper. Please follow Citation


Chapter 17 introduced some challenges to policy making in developing countries. If you were an analyst working for the St. Petersburg Informational and Analytical Center, explain how you would use data available to you to prepare a report for the Governor for the State Program “Combating Proliferation of Drugs.” Briefly explain what you would include in your report to detail the problem, and what the forecast results would be for each of several responses to the problem. (You do not have to use actual data from a real model for this paper.) The idea is to focus on how models can use real data to create forecasts.

“The use of data to create forecasts that help in decision-making”.

InfoTech in a Global Economy