Individual Observation Papers(Enviro Com and Rhetoric )

Individual Observation Papers(Enviro Com and Rhetoric ).

I’m trying to learn for my Communications class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

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An individual observation paper is a 3-4 page paper that uses a course concept to analyze an instance of communication about an environmental issue. (If you want, you can write three papers and I will drop the lowest of the three grades.) Your analysis should include (1) a brief description of the communicative text, event, or action in its original context (e.g., What it is? Who enacted it? Where did you encounter it? When did it happen?); (2) a clear exposition of the concept or concepts that you are using to guide your analysis, making direct quotation from relevant sources in support; (3) your analysis of the communication in terms of how well your selected concept or concepts disclose the communication’s influence (or failure to influence) those who become audience to it or those involved with it (including you if relevant); and (4) your conclusions about what you learned about environmental communication from the analysis. If possible, provide a copy of the communication. Each Individual Observation Paper is worth 15% for a total of 30% of your final grade.

Also i upload some images abouot my lectrure. you can use it to complete this paper.

Individual Observation Papers(Enviro Com and Rhetoric )